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We just don’t condition spaces, We create environments.

We offer customized HVAC services and capabilities for residential, commercial and industrial clients to help them refresh and reimagine their spaces. Whether yours is new construction, an addition, or a renovation, we’ll bring our expertise and innovation to the challenge.

Amba Aircon Emergency Service Team

We know emergencies don’t happen when it’s convenient, so we offer 24/7 service staff to handle the unexpected at your site. With our team, you’re covered for fast response and recovery.

Ours is a labor of love.

Let’s face it—the work we do with clients isn’t just about the walls. It’s about everything that happens within them: productivity, innovation, breakthroughs, and progress.
That’s why we work with each and every client to create spaces keyed to business needs.

We combine our knowledge of technology and trends with our HVAC expertise to build what’s next for you—and to ensure it performs.


“Investors today expect us to be a force for good. And, indeed, a well-run business can and should be a catalyst for social good.”

At Amba Aircon, our mission and guiding aspiration is Investing to Improve Lives.

Our commitment to stewardship is broad and encompasses not only our investment management strategies but our overall approach to business, as well. In short, when we generate market-beating returns for our clients, profits for our financial stakeholders and good compensation for our employees, we can do more in our communities and benefit the world around us.

Our in-house experts

With expertise on the team, we can offer creative and complete HVAC solutions.

  • Industrial
  • New Construction
  • Renovations
  • Start-up
  • Tenant Improvements
quality is our standard
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